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Little Red Riding Hood
Brazilian title Chapeuzinho Vermelho
Directed by Marcelo Motta
Produced by Walter Genovesi
Written by Marcelo Motta; Walter Genovesi
Starring José Mojica Marins, Oásis Minnitti, Noelle Pinne
Music by Orlando Macedo de Oliveira
Cinematography Virgílio Roveda
Editing Diomar Feo (Nilcemar Leyart)
Genre Pornography
Release date 1981
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
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“Little Red Riding Hood” (1981) (original title: “Chapeuzinho Vermelho”) is an erotic comedy about a man who remains a virgin (and a voyeur) until he finds a red cap that turns him into a stud. But a friend resents his sudden "popularity."[1]


Hercules is a lonely voyeur who spends his time peeping through a hole in the wall of his home, observing his cousin and her husband while they make love. By day he works at a car dealership, where he is ridiculed for his abnormal behavior and harassed by women. His cousin Hawk, in contrast, is the champion of the city. Concerned for their son, Hercules’ parents decide to hire a maid named América, to “de-virginize” him. After a frustrating attempt, América discovers a solution to Hercules’ problem: a red cap, placed accidentally on his head, gives him virility. Hercules, with the aid of the cap, proves his power at a bar, attracting several women who then spread the news to others. After a nightmare about Coffin Joe, who makes all of the women disappear, Hercules decides to marry Neide, his secretary. Jealous of his cousin's newfound fame, Hawk steals Hercules’ cap and throws it into the river. Distressed, Hercules purchases dozens of hats, but they all prove useless. Finally, even without the cap, he consummates the marriage, disrupting the sleep of his entire family. Meanwhile, while fishing, Hercules’ father catches the lost hat and frantically rows off to go use it.

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