Brazilian title Perversão
Directed by José Mojica Marins
Produced by José Mojica Marins
Written by José Mojica Marins
Crounel Marins
Starring José Mojica Marins
Arlete Moreira
Music by Oscar Marcil
Cinematography Giorgio Attili
Editing Nilcemar Leyart
Genre Drama
Release date 1979
Country Brazil
Length 100 min
Language Portuguese
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Perversion (1979) (original titles: Perversão, Estupro!) is a Brazilian film written and directed by José Mojica Marins[1].


Vitório Palestrina is a playboy millionaire who passes his days sleeping with, abusing and discarding the local women in a small village. After seducing a young woman, Silvia, he brutally rapes her, biting off one of her nipples in the process. He keeps the nipple in a glass case as a sort of trophy. When his actions become public knowledge, he is actually admired for what he has done, while his victim is ostracized and tormented by the townspeople.

Palestrina is acquitted of rape on the grounds of insufficient evidence, and laughs at the victim when the judge gives the verdict. He commemorates his triumph with a party at which he proudly displays the severed nipple to his guests. Palestrina continues to seduce other young women until he develops a passion for Veronica, a beautiful young medical student who is not as susceptible to his charm.

To obtain Veronica's love and loyalty, Palestrina must endure a more traditional courtship: Veronica requires him to proclaim love and propose marriage before she relents. When he finally does, Veronica allows Palestrina to consummate their affair with a long, passionate episode of lovemaking. As he settles into a peaceful post coital state, Veronica calmly reaches into her purse and removes a surgical knife with which she cuts off his penis. She then has flashbacks which reveal that Veronica is Silvia's sister.

Naked and covered in blood, Veronica slowly bandages Palestrina's wounds and says, "You promised me everything. I accepted." All the while, she envisions future times of happiness with her sister.


  • José Mojica Marins as Vittorio Palestrina
  • Arlete Moreira as Veronica
  • Ricardo Petráglia
  • Nadia Destro
  • Elza Leonetti
  • Diva Medrek
  • Jaime Cortez
  • Mara Prado


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