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The Dry Body
Brazilian title Corpo Seco
O Corpo Seco
Directed by José Mojica Marins
Produced by
Written by
Music by
Genre Horror
Release date 2011 (proposed)
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese
Preceded by
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Corpo Seco (en: The Dry Body) is reportedly the working title of a proposed film by José Mojica Marins[1]. The film, based on a Brazilian legend, is reported to have a script ready and the production budget is $ 2.5 million. Filming began in September, in Pouso Alegre, to be released in 2011[2].


A lenda do corpo seco

Book cover: The Legend of the Dry Body by Mariângela Padilha

The movie's plot is reportedly based on the children's book The Legend of the Dry Body written by Mariângela Padilha, mixing accounts of city residents with fiction, but adapted for adult audiences[3].

An evil man who spent a life of violence toward others, including his mother, dies and is buried. After death, he is rejected not only by God and the Devil, but also the ground in which he is buried. He inhabits trees, which kills them, as he waits for passers-by who he attacks to consume their blood.

"The idea is to tell the story of the Dry Body, a being of evil, to be defeated by Coffin Joe[4]."--Marins

The legend of Corpo-SecoEdit

Corpo-Seco, according to legend, is a man who spent his life beating his mother. When he died, he was rejected not only by God and the Devil, but the ground in which he is buried. When the ground becomes disgusted by his presence, he rose to the surface, dry and rotten, and lives clinging to trees that are then become dead and dry.

Within São Paulo, a variant of this legend says that when a person is close to the dry body, it jumps on you and sucks all your blood. If any person does not pass he will die, because it feeds on human blood (similar a vampire). There are also reports of dry body in the state of Parana, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, in some African countries of Portuguese, Brazilian soldiers reported by veterans of the mission UNAVEM III and in the Midwest, mostly.

To date, there is the popular saying: "He Who beats his mother is left with the dried, withered hand[5]."


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