24 Hours of Explicit Sex
Sexo Explicito
Brazilian title 24 Horas de Sexo Explícito
24 Horas de Sexo Ardente
Directed by José Mojica Marins
Produced by Mario Lima
Written by Mario Lima
Starring Vânia Bonier
Albano Catozzi
Bené de Oliveira
Sílvio Júnior
Music by
Cinematography Virgílio Roveda
Editing Valmir Dias
Genre Pornography
Release date 1985
Country Brazil
Length 77 min
Language Portuguese
Preceded by
Followed by 48 Hours of Hallucinatory Sex

24 Hours of Explicit Sex (1985) (original titles: 24 Horas de Sexo Explícito, 24 Horas de Sexo Ardente) is a Brazilian pornographic comedy film written and produced by Mario Lima and directed by José Mojica Marins[1][2][3].

Marins shot the film for the production company Fotocenas Filmes which agreed to finance his project of Embodiment of Evil. The film was Marins' biggest box-office success and two years later, he directed a sequel named 48 Hours of Hallucinatory Sex.


Three men make a wager on which one will have sex with more women in a period of 24 hours. They hire an obese and flamboyant gay man to be the judge and keep tally. They get 7 "ugly" women for the challenge. One man comments to another that "these women look like something from a Coffin Joe movie". The men gather them at a beach house and the competition begins. One man decides to quit the competition and return home to his wife (veteran Brazilian porn actress Vânia Bournier), who he finds having sexual intercourse with "Jack", their German Shepherd dog, in Brazil's first scene of cinematic bestiality[4][5]. Her husband takes revenge by leaving her to romance a talking male horse, who the man persuades to penetrate him in the rear-end. Most sexual events are narrated and critiqued by a caged parrot.

When the 24 hour period expires, the judge counts the scores of the remaining two men and the score is tied. They are encouraged until the judge announces the tie-breaker would involve the men performing acts on the judge. The men flee the beach house, trying to escape, and are pursued by the eager judge as the end screen appears.


  • Vânia Bonier
  • Albano Catozzi
  • Bené de Oliveira
  • Sílvio Júnior


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