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For the documentary film, see Damned - The Strange World of José Mojica Marins

  • Original title: Maldito: O Vida e o Cinema de José Mojica Marins, o Zé do Caixão
  • Author: André Barcinski, Ivan Finotti
  • Format: Biography
  • ISBN # 85-7326-092-0
  • 448 pages
  • Published: 1998

The book Damned- The Life and Films of José Mojica Marins, Coffin Joe (Maldito: O Vida e o Cinema de José Mojica Marins, o Zé do Caixão) tells the story of Mojica's humble childhood in Vila Anastacio, a suburb in Sao Paulo, until his fame abroad in the 90s. 'Damned' is replete with extraordinary stories - Mojica's first cinematic experiences, as reported first-hand by friends, relatives and colleagues. Also included are details behind the production of his famous Coffin Joe films, including stories about Mojica's persecution by the military dictatorship of Brazil, which cut and censored several of his films. Written by André Barcinski and Ivan Finotti.

In 2001 the authors created a documentary film with the same title.

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