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This page currently functions as the site's Policy Manual

How you can help Edit

Editing tipsEdit

  • You can view and copy the code used to create any page by clicking "Edit this page".
  • If you have trouble with reference formatting, place your sources between parentheses and someone will format it.
  • Wikitext easy formatting guides and charts shows how to format pretty much anything you will need.

Important stuffEdit

  • Copy and paste from Wikipedia only.
  • The general rules of Wikipedia must be followed with a few exceptions.
  • All content added to any article in the "People" category must be neutral, factual and referenced with web links.
  • English language titles of films, programs and publications are used by default in all situations with the Portuguese title in parentheses after it.
  • Original Brazilian names are used for People and Places.
  • Please create an account to edit. Anonymous edits are discouraged, but not prohibited.


Images must qualify as fair use, such as film posters, screenshots, media covers (magazines, albums), and promotional art. All images remain copyright and property of their respective owners.


Film article structureEdit

  1. Tag(s)if any
  2. Infobox (template)
  3. Leading paragraph (no heading)
  4. Plot (1st heading)
  5. Cast
  6. Screenshots
  7. Images
  8. Video
  9. References
  10. External links
  11. Filmbox3 (template)
  12. Categories